We are proud to say…

that we've helped 220 families here in The Borderland.

Even though it’s only the kids who go on these trips, it’s their families that learn how anyone can be braver and stronger than they could ever imagine they could become. Help us Celebrate, Educate, and Empower.



Mike Dee’s Big Adventure is a non-profit organization whose mission is simple: To enable, empower, and support youth with disabilities. We believe that there is no greater calling than to inspire a child to become more than what they ever thought possible.


Pioneer Mike Dee started out as a healthy child. In high school, Mike slowly started losing his vision. Becoming legally blind, instead of living as 'Disabled,' he chose to empower himself and achieved his life goals. His dream was to one day, enable special needs youth with the power to strengthen what they already know they have inside.

Mike Dee’s Big Adventure was born.


"We are open for Adventure!"

“I want them to stop asking…I want then to start doing!”

— Mike Dee, Founder & Pioneer


Meet Our Board!

Mike Dee’s Big Adventure is now in its 11th year. Every single trip marks incredible transformations in the lives of these young people. Each year, youth with a wide spectrum of disabilities become boldly enabled through compassion, fun, and an experience they truly never believed they could do on their own.

These are The Pioneers behind those experiences and The Future Adventures to come.